Home Crafting Mysteries by Cricket McRae

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Not all tea and crumpets, Sophie Mae Reynolds works hard, likes single-malt Scotch, and lives with her best friend, her best friend’s ten-year-old daughter, and a snarky old Corgi. She’s smart, prettier than she knows and possesses a wry sense of humor. She also barrels into situations without thinking and manages to embarrass herself with amazing regularity as she puzzles out why the neighborhood handyman drank a glass of lye and died on her workroom floor.

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About the Author

A former resident of the Pacific Northwest where my mystery novels are set, Cricket McRae had always dabbled in the kind of practical home crafts that were once necessary to everyday life. The magical chemistry of making soap, the satisfaction of canning garden produce, and the sensuous side of fiber arts like spinning and knitting are just a few of the reasons these activities have fascinated her since childhood. As much an early fan of Nancy Drew as of Laura Ingalls Wilder, it's no surprise that her contemporary cozy series features a soap maker with a nose for investigation.