Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

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Ever since she moved to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, Yankee librarian Tori Sinclair has been the talk of the tiny town. But she’s been so busy at work, winning over the sewing circle, and trying to forget her cheating ex that she hasn’t even had time to baste together a pillow, let alone mind local gossip. Now there's a mystery brewing!

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About the Author

Laura Bradford writes this the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries under the pen name Elizabeth Lynn Casey. With her writing path chosen, she began devouring every book she could find. Through them, she learned the joy of reading. Through her devotion to craft, she learned the joy of plotting and creating. And through her readers, she's learned the joy of providing a momentary escape from life—a chance to explore a new place, a new career, a new hobby, a new experience.