Beginner Fun Knit Projects WR1640

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Hat, IPod/Cell Phone Cover, Headband & Purse

Skill Level: Beginner

Hat Size to Fit 14" head; changes for size 16", 18" 20" heads are in parentheses.
Purse measures 7 (8, 9, 10)" high.
Headband measures 4" wide x 13 (15, 17, 19)" long.
IPod/Cell Phone Cover measures 4" wide x 6" high.

RED HEART® "Super Saver®": 1 Skein 972 Pink Camo, 932 Zebra or 672 Spring Green.

RED HEART® "Easy Tweed™": 1 Ball 6665 Coffee.

TLC® "Essentials™": 1 Skein 2981 Jungle.

Knitting Needles: 6mm [US 10].
Yarn needle; optional pom pom maker and embellishments like buttons, beads, elastic, etc.

GAUGES: 14 sts = 4"; 20 rows = 4" in St st; 14 sts = 4"; 26 rows = 4" in Garter st; 16 sts = 4"; 20 rows = 4" in Rib st. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needles to obtain the gauges.

NOTE: Three different stitch patterns using the basic stitches in Rib Stitch, Garter Stitch and Stockinette Stitch.

beginner fun knit projects

For all stitch patterns: Cast on 24 (28, 32, 36) sts.

Rib Stitch: Cast on 24 (28, 32, 36) sts.
Row 1 (Right Side): * K2, P2; rep from * across.
Rep Row 1 until 3" from beginning, end wrong side row.
Now work in St st, begin K row, until 11 (13, 15, 17)" from beginning, then work 3" in Rib Stitch Pattern. Bind off in pat.


Garter Stitch: Cast on 24 (28, 32, 36) sts.
Knit each row until 14 (16, 18, 20)" from beginning. Bind off.


Stockinette Stitch: Cast on 24 (28, 32, 36) sts.
Row 1 (Right Side): Knit.
Row 2: Purl.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 until 14 (16, 18, 20)" from beginning, end by working a P row. Bind off.

FINISHING: Fold in half, right sides together. Sew side seams, leaving opening at bottom (where cast-on and bind-off edges meet). Turn right side out and attach pom poms in each corner. Weave in ends.

Make same as for hat (any size). Make a Twisted Cord and attach for strap.

Cast on 16 sts. Work in Rib Stitch, Stockinette Stitch or Garter Stitch until 13 (15, 17, 19)" from beginning. Bind off. Fold in half and sew ends together. Weave in ends.

Cast on 16 sts. Work in Rib Stitch, Stockinette Stitch or Garter Stitch until 15" from beginning (or desired length). Bind off. Fold up with wrong sides together, leaving 3" for flap. Sew sides, leaving flap free. Weave in ends. Attach Twisted Cord for strap.

TWISTED CORD: Cut 2 strands or 4 strands of yarn (depending on desired thickness of strap), 72" each in length. Bring the cut ends together and tie a knot close to the ends forming a large loop. Secure the knotted end to a stable surface or have a friend hold the end. Slip a pencil into the loop and hold the yarn just below the loop and the pencil. Holding the yarn taut, twirl the pencil, thereby twisting the yarn, until the entire length is tightly twisted and begins to twist back upon itself. Bring the loop end and the knotted end together. Tie with an overhand knot. Trim the ends. Smooth out the kinks so that the cord lies flat and is evenly twisted along its length.

ABBREVIATIONS: K = knit; mm = millimeters; P = purl; rep = repeat; St st = Stockinette stitch (Knit on right side rows; Purl on wrong side rows.); st(s) = stitch (es); * = repeat whatever follows the * as indicated.

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