Free Potholder Patterns

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More free potholder patterns: Crochet Potholder Patterns

Kitchen essentials bring color to your kitchen with these useful and attractive pot holders and hot platter mats made from Potholder Patterns. Crochet them in the colors specified with each direction or choose from the wide selection of colors available. Fun and easy to make crochet potholders and place mats. Protect your hands, brighten your kitchen and prolong the life of your potholder. In addition to the utility value, they make such colorful and practical gifts.These Potholder Patterns are comfortable to work with and so simple to make.

place mat and pot holder pattern
circle pot holder
reversible knitted pot holder

Patterns © by Plaid Company or Columbia Minerva. Reproduced with permission from Plaid Company. is not endorsed by Plaid Company.

We hope you find this selection of free potholder patterns helpful. Some of these free potholder patterns may have been discontinued and may no longer be available in hard copy format. Knitting yarn or crochet thread used with original craft pattern may be a discontinued yarn or thread. Acceptable substitutes would include any other yarn or thread of the same weight and/or size.