Mr Claus Pot Holder

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Mr. Claus

Red 4-ply knitting worsted
White 4-ply knitting worsted
Size F hook
3 ¼" Santa mask
1 white button
1, 1 ¼" white pom-pom
2, 1" green or white pom-poms (green shown)


With red, ch 6, join, ch 3.

Row 1: 13 dc in ring, join.

Row 2: Ch 3, 2 dc in each dc, join.

Row 3: Ch 3, *1 dc in first dc, 2 dc in next dc; repeat from * around, join.

Row 4: Ch 3, *1 dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc; repeat from * around, join.

Row 5: Ch 3, 1 dc in next 14 dc, ch 3, turn.

Row 6: 1 dc in next 2 dc, skip 1 dc, 1 dc across to 4th dc from the end, skip that dc, 1 dc in each dc to the end, ch 3, turn. You made 2 decreases in this row. Continue for 6 more rows, decreasing 2 dc on each row. There will be 4 dc on the last row. Fasten off. Sew or glue the white pom-pom to the tip.

White Around Santa's Face

Repeat rows 1 and 2 of inside of hat for Mrs. Clause. Do not fasten off. Make another row of shells as in row 2. Fasten off.

Bottom Tab for Button

Attach red yarn and crochet 6 dc at the center bottom of the hat, ch 3, turn. Crochet 6 more dc, ch 3, turn. Crochet 6 more dc, making 3 rows of 6 dc in each row. Fasten off. Sew on a button.


With white ch 110. Lace through 1st row of white shells. Insert mask. Tie tightly around his face. Glue or sew 1" pom-poms to the tie ends.

Pot Holders (Make Two)

These can be the same as Mrs. Clause or they can be as I have made them. Follow the pot holder directions for Mrs. Claus except make only 1 white row in center and make last 2 rows red. Trim as for Mrs. Claus.

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