Bookworm Buddies

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Susan Bates Knitting Knobby, Art 14075 or Small French Knitter, Art 14102
Red Heart® Super Saver®, Art E300 or E301  
12" pipe cleaner, any color, cut in half   
Susan Bates 2 inch Steel Yarn Needle, Art 14081  
"Sunglasses" button     
Sewing thread and hand sewing needle

Leave at least a 12" tail at the beginning.
Bend the wire ends of the pipe cleaner under by wrapping the end around the pointed end of the tool included with the Knitting Knobby.    
Work until tube measures about 1 inch.  Insert pipe cleaner into tube, being careful not to push the pipe cleaner end beyond the end of the tube.  Continue working until the pipe cleaner is totally covered by the knit tube.  Bind off per instructions leaving a 12" tail.

To make hair:  make a small pom pom and use the tail to secure to the knit tube.  You can also make loops over your finger and using a needle, secure each loop to the end of the tube.
Make a small tassel or pom pom and secure to one of the tail ends.  
Twist the top 2 inches below the hair around the end of a pencil to shape.
Using a needle and thread, attach sunglasses where the "hair" and knit tube meet.

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