Heart Bouquet WR1083

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Skill Level: BEGINNER

Designed by Elizabeth Hill.

Hearts measure approximately 3½" x 3½" without stems.

RED HEART® "Super Saver®": 2 Ounces each of 4 colors:


Option 1

Option 2


724 Baby Pink

319 Cherry Red


722 Pretty 'n Pink

376 Burgundy


905 Magenta

311 White


786 Candy Print

312 Black

Susan Bates® French Knitter Spool, Small, Art. 14102. Yarn needle; 18" floral wire stems - 18 gauge; ½" wide floral tape; "silk" leaf groups; 15 ounce vegetable can-washed and dried for vase; white craft glue; 1" wide foam brush; scissors.

Heart Flowers:

1. Following instructions included in the package, make 10" and 12" cords using the French Knitter and CA, CB, and CC or colors of your choice. Weave in yarn ends.
2. Thread wire down the center of the cord so that 1" of the wire extends beyond the cord at the opposite end. Do not trim the long end; it will be used to create the heart flower stem.
3. Measure to find the center of the cord. Bend in half at the center to form the "V" at the upper part of the heart.
4. Wrap the right side around the French Knitter or a spool of thread to form a curve. Repeat with the left side; twist wire ends together at the lower part of the heart to close the heart. The remaining section of wire will become the stem for the heart flower.
5. Starting at the base of the heart flower, wrap wire with floral tape to the end of the wire, adding a leaf group if desired. Note: To make longer stems, add floral wire stems as needed and cover with floral tape.


1. Wash and dry an empty 15 ounce vegetable or fruit can.
2. Apply glue with the foam brush 1" at a time around the can, beginning at the top. Wrap CD yarn around the can over the glued section, adjusting as you go along. Repeat gluing and wrapping until the can is covered. Cut yarn. (Optional: Spray paint can black before wrapping for better coverage of the can.)
3. Decorate the can as desired with rick-rack or ribbon.
4. Fill can with glass beads, marbles, small stones or sand to add stability to the vase.

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