Camouflage Patterns

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Camouflage allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain unnoticed by blending with its environment.

The military routinely uses camouflage patterns in uniforms today to help troops hide from enemies. Camouflage netting, natural materials, disruptive color patterns, and paint with special infrared, thermal, and radar qualities have also been used on military vehicles, ships, aircraft, installations and buildings.

Hunters, too, often use camouflage clothing that is visually tailored to the game they are hunting. There are several different types of hunting camouflage, the use of each one is dependent upon the area in which the hunter is going to hunt. It can range in appearance from a mossy oak pattern to a sage brush pattern for hunters of large mammals. Waterfowl hunters can have camouflage that resembles swamp reeds.

Following are some of the camouflage pattern books currently available:

urban camouflage
baby camouflage layette

Red Heart Super Saver yarn has several camouflage patterns colors to use in your projects:

red heart super saver yarn camouflage
red heart super saver yarn desert camo
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Desert Camo
Urban Camo
Pink Camo