The Little Vest Suit Pattern

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Directions are for Small Size (6 to 8). Changes for Large (10 to 12) are in parentheses.

Columbia-Minerva KNITTING WORSTED (4 oz pull skein) OR NANTUK 4-PLY KNITTING YARN (2 or 4 oz pull skein): 10 (12) ozs
Needles: One "Boye" crochet hook Size I

Gauge: 6 groups to 4 inches; 4 rows to 3 inches

Vest: Starting at lower edge of body ch 90 (98). Row 1: Drawing up each dc to ¾ inch, work 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, 1 dc in next ch, repeat from * across. Counting turning ch at start of row, there are 45 (49) dc across, ch 3, turn. Row 2Right side: Counting turning ch as first dc, work 1 dc in first ch-1 space for first group, * 2 dc in next space for a 2-dc group, repeat from * across — 44 (48) groups, ch 4, turn. Row 3: 1 dc between first and 2nd groups, * ch 1, 1 dc between next 2 groups, repeat from * across, end last dc in turning ch, ch 3, turn. Repeat Rows 2 & 3 for pat, working until there are 7 (8) group rows and 8 (9) open rows — about 10 (11½) inches from start. Width across body is 29½ (32) inches.

Armholes & Neck: For right front work 10    (11) groups, ch 4, turn. Row 2: Holding back last loop of each dc, work 1 dc after each of first 2 groups, yo and through all 3 loops on hook for neck dec, ch 1, work to last 2 groups, work a dec dc after last group and in turning ch for armhole dec, ch 3, turn. With 2 groups less across, work group row. Repeat last 2 rows twice more; 4 (5) groups rem. Work until armhole measures 7 (8) inches. Fasten off.

Back: On right side, skip 2 spaces on last long row for underarm, join yarn in next space, ch 3, work in pat until there are 20 (22) groups across, ch 4, turn. * Dec at beg and end of row as on front. Work 1 row. Repeat from * twice more. Work on the 14 (16) groups to match front armhole. Fasten off.

Left Front: Skip 2 spaces on last long row, join yarn in next space, ch 3, work to left front edge; 10 (11) groups. Finish same as right front.

Sew shoulder seams matching stitch for stitch. Starting at shoulder seam, crochet 1 row of sc around fronts and neck, do not inc at corners to round them. Starting at underarm, crochet sc around armholes.

Ties: Join yarn at front edge at start of neck. Ch 24, sl st back along chain, fasten off. Make tie at opposite edge.

Skirt: Ch 100 (108). Work same as vest having 49 (53) groups on group rows and 50 (54) dc on openwork rows, to about 11 (12½) inches or desired length from start, end with openwork row then work 1 more openwork row for eyelets. Fasten off. On right side crochet 1 row of sc around front and lower edges, do not inc at corners to round them.

Ties: Make a 36 (40) inch chain. Sl st back along chain, fasten off. Lace through front edges and tie just above lower edge. Make another chain for waistline and lace through eyelets at top.

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