Futurecast (a.k.a. Herald)

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Cross Stitch Chart
Release date: August, 2004
Stitch count: 85H x 53W
Sample shown: Stitched over-2 on 25-count bone Lugana from Zweigart®

Description: This is "Herald". He's trying hard to see what the future might hold for you! The piece is designed especially for those stitchers who enjoy choosing their own colors, and to help those who aren't comfortable with doing so to relax and have some fun! You are instructed to chose an overdyed fiber color, and then pick the rest of the colors for the design from there. You'll also choose a metallic and some beads, plus, of course, your fabric!

Comments by Teresa Wentzler:

Background Information: "Futurecast" was designed in honor of the TWBB World-Wide Get Together in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 6-8, 2004. I wanted to do a special dragon for the occasion; one that reminded me of the city in which our gathering was held. The pattern of the border reminded me of the omnipresent lights that flood the "strip" at all hours of the day and night. The metallic fiber and beads add some sparkle to the piece. The idea to make it a choose-your-own-colors piece is one I've been toying with for quite awhile. I decided that since overdyed fibers are so widely available now, it would be a good place to start. The stitcher's selection of an appealing fiber will, I hope, start the experience on a positive note.

Stitching Comments: My original model is shown, and the colors for it are given in the instructions...but please consider choosing your own favorite colors...and remember: have fun! The design is fairly simple (as my designs go, anyway!) there are a few fractional stitches, but otherwise, it stitches up very quickly.

Need some inspiration for color choices? Visit the Futurecast Gallery and see what wonderful color combinations imaginative stitchers just like you have chosen!

Pattern Errors/Corrections: none

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