Floral Doilies for Crocheting | Edited by Rita Weiss

Product Description

Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Dover Publications (July 1980)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0486237893
ISBN-13: 978-0486237893



Many crocheters have never lost their interest in hand-crocheted floral doilies - they just couldn't find the patterns. This book offers a wide selection of the most popular floral doily patterns ever created taken from various instruction booklets published some thirty years ago. These books are rare collectors' items and when one is occasionally offered for sale it sells for several times the cost of this entire collection.

Thirty-five different floral patterns include various sizes and kinds of doilies, luncheon sets, runners and centerpieces. Each pattern has complete instructions, indications of the amount of thread, proper crochet hook and gauge and a photograph of the finished doily. All the stitches used to make the doilies are explained in simple diagrams. Seven charts plus close-up shots of detail work and stitches.

Crocheters will welcome this rare collection of floral doilies, which can be used for dining tables, sideboards, end tables, dressers, furniture or sewn together for tablecloths, pocketbooks or curtains.


Patterns in this publication were selected from the following vintage publications:

Doilies, Luncheon Sets and Table Runners
Floral Doilies
Chair Sets and Runners
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 147
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 184
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 258
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 261
Chair Sets and Runners
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Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Hand Crochet
American Thread Co
Book 64
Royal Society Inc
Book 4
 Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Hand Crochet
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Pattern List

Motif Doily
Night Table Doily
Magnolia Gardens Runner #7228
Mariposa Runner #7283
Nosegay Doily #7269
Daisy Chain Luncheon Set #7284
Buttercup Runner #7282
Rose Whirl Doily #7272
Sunshine and Shadows Runner #7281
Flowerstrewn Runner #7577
Rose o' Summer Doily #7553
Two-in-One Doily #7567
Midsummer Day Runner #7548
Pansy Doily Luncheon Set #D-205
Apple Blossom Place Mat #D-209
Daisy Luncheon Set #D-211
Blue Bell Doily #D-212
Pink Clover Doily #D-210

Black Eyed Susan Doily #D-207
Blue Aster Doily #D-215
White Daisy Doily #D-206
Wild Rose Doily #D-213
Daffodil Doily #D-214
Forget-Me-Not Placemat #D-208
Field of Daisies Runner #N-107
Formal Garden Runner #N-110
Flower Frame Runner #N-111
Clover Path Runner #N-109
New Pansy Doily
Pond Lily Doily
African Violet Ruffle Doily
Irish Rose Doily
Daisy Doily
Forget-Me-Not Doily
Rose Hot Plate Mat Cover