Ghostly Glow Door Banner CS0018

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Skill Level: Easy

Glow in the Dark thread is so much fun especially at Halloween. Here is a ‘ghostly’ banner for your door.


Coats Glow in the Dark Thread (D86), 1 spool each: 001 white, 72 yellow
Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet, Size 10, 201 white, 1 ball
Coats Polyester Bobbin Thread (D78), 001 white
Coats Dual Duty Plus All-purpose thread, 002 black, 1 spool
Black Fabric, 1/2 yard
Halloween Print, 1 yard
Fabric Paint, Black
Black Cord, 20”
Tear-Away Stabilizer
Cardboard- 3” x 3” square or Susan Bates Fringe Maker (Art. 14055)


Black Fabric: 8” x 24” rectangle
Print Fabric: 10¼” x 27¼” rectangle
Strips - Cut 2 each: 2” x 7½” and 2” x 26¾”

NOTE: a ½” seam allowance is used throughout.

No-Sew Variation: Use black felt to create the foundation for your banner, and fabric paint to print "Happy Halloween" in place of embroidery. Create and attach the tassel ghosts as directed below.


1. Hoop black fabric and stabilizer. With Glow in the Dark on top and bobbin thread on the bottom, embroider “Happy Halloween” approximately 3½ ” from upper edge of the black fabric rectangle.

2. TASSEL GHOSTS: Make seven 3” tassels holding a strand of Glow in the Dark thread and crochet thread together, treating it as 1 thread:

* Wrap around a 3” x 3” piece of cardboard approximately 60 times.
* Slip a 6 “ length of crochet thread under the wrapped thread on one end.
* Tie the top thread of the tassel and leave the thread tails approximately 3” long.
* Cut the other end of the threads.
* Cut a 12” length Glow in the Dark thread and crochet thread held together.
* Tie around all threads approximately ½” from top of tassel to form head wrapping several times around “neck” before tying.

3. Attaching the ‘ghost’ tassels: Place the tassels on the black fabric and arrange as desired. Using a large chenille needle, pull the thread ends of the tassels through to the wrong side. Tie in place and trim ends.

4. Borders:

5. Sew backing fabric to front, right sides together leaving an opening in the bottom end for turning. Trim corners, turn. Sew opening closed. Press.

6. On each “ghost” tassel, paint two black dots for eyes.

7. Attach cord for hanging

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