Tempest in a Teacup

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Cross Stitch Chart
Release date: September, 2001
Stitch count: 71H x 64W
Sample shown: Stitched over-2 on 28-count antique white Lugana from Zweigart®

Description: Meet "Tempest" (in a Teacup)...one frustrated little dragon! Designed in shades of salmon, gold and purple, Tempest makes his home in a personalized, flowered china teacup, which, as we all know is not a terribly dignified place for a dragon. Tempest has a bit of a problem being taken seriously, and can only manage steam as opposed to flame...no wonder he's frustrated!

Comments by Teresa Wentzler:

Background Information:" Tempest" was inspired by the Harry Potter book series...and was designed in honor of my trip to England in May of 2001. He was also designed as a reminder to me that making a big fuss over little things is just plain silly.

Stitching Comments: "Tempest" can be stitched with or without his decorative border. As with most of my designs, "Tempest" is somewhat of a challenge to stitch because there are numerous blends and fractional stitches, however due to the size of the design, it can be completed quite quickly. (An excellent mini-introduction to my designing style). Also, you might want to add some blending filament to Tempest...or maybe some "Whisper" to the "steam" to make it a bit more interesting...

Pattern Errors/Corrections: none

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