A Trilby with a touch of the Tyrolean

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3 hanks PATONS BIG BEN Knit­ting.
Two No. 6 BEEHIVE needles.
1 yard of ribbon 1½ ins. wide.

To fit average head.

4¼ sts. and 5¼ rows to one square inch on No. 6 needles, measured over stocking stitch.


Cast on 22 sts.

1st row—K.1, * M.R., rep. from * to last st., K.1.

2nd row—K.2, * P.1, K.1, rep. from * to end.

These 2 rows form the patt.

Continue in patt. until work meas­ures 21 ins. from beg.

Cast off.


Cast on 18 sts.

Work in patt. as on Crown Strip, inc. 1 st. at both ends of 3rd and every following alt. row until there are 26 sts.

Work 16 rows.

Now dec. 1 st. at both ends of next and every alt. row until 18 sts. remain.

Work 2 rows.

Cast off.


Cast on 8 sts. and work 3 rows in patt.

Proceed as follows:—

1st row—Work to last 3 sts., turn.

2nd row—Work to end.

3rd to 6th row—Work all across in patt.

Rep. 1st to 6th row until work measures 24 ins. along shorter edge.

Cast off.


With wrong side of work facing block and lightly press using a warm iron and damp cloth.

Join short sides of Crown Strip.

Stitch Crown Top into position.

Stitch short side of Brim to lower edge of crown and join ends.

Trim Hat with ribbon with ends at back.


K.=knit; P.=purl; st.=stitch; tog.=together; inc.=increase by working into front and back of stitch; dec.=decrease by working 2 sts. together; beg.=beginning; alt.=alternate; rep.=repeat; patt.=pattern; ins.=inches; M.B.= Make Bobble by P.1, K.1, P.1, K.1 into next st. thus making 4 sts. out of next st., turn, K.4, turn. P.4, slip 2nd, 3rd and 4th sts. over first st.; M.R.=Make Ridge by working across next 2 sts. as follows:-P. the next 2 sts. together but do not slip off left-hand needle, P. into first of these sts. once more, then slip both sts. off needle.