Quick and Easy Valentines

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Skill Level: BEGINNER

Designed by Elizabeth Hill.

Cards can be any size, depending on your choice of paper.

RED HEART® "Super Saver®": 2 Ounces in colors of your choice.
Recommended colors: 724 Baby Pink; 722 Pretty 'n Pink; 319 Cherry Red; 905 Magenta; 311 White; 376 Burgundy; 786 Candy Print.

Construction paper, scrapbook paper, or stationery blanks; scissors; white craft glue, double-sided tape or glue sticks; cookie cutters in heart shapes.

1. Fold construction paper in half, and then fold in half again to make quarter size card.
2. Center heart cookie cutter in the center of the card front. Trace lightly with a pencil. Cut along pencil line and remove the heart shape.
3. While the card is folded, lightly trace around the inside of the cut heart pattern on the sheet of paper directly below the cut-out design. This will serve as a pattern for attaching yarn to the card.
4. Cut lengths of yarn long enough (without stretching) to cover the lightly drawn heart design. Open up card so that the design will be flat on a hard surface. Cover design area with the adhesive of choice. Put yarn strips over adhesive adjusting yarn to completely cover design. Allow to dry. Trim yarn ends if necessary. Once dry, refold card. Yarn will show through the heart design on the front of the card.
5. Optional: Embellish paper border of the heart design with markers, specialty hole punches, rick rack, or sequins.
6. Add your own special Valentine message on the front and inside of the card.

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