Ghostly Bites Recipe

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Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or spending a quiet night a home watching movies, we have just the thing to help you enjoy your Halloween event!

Many adults and teens feel that the more yucky or gross it is, the better it is but here is a little treat that I’m sure you’ve seen at another time of year but…when you use a little imagination, you can use this snack favorite for many holidays.

What is the goodie? Well, for Halloween we call it Ghostly Bites and have added all the trappings and doo-dads to fit in with the holiday. However, you may also have seen it named Reindeer Poo or Snowflakes in the winter.


2 C confectioners’ sugar
6 C crispy, hollow cereal, like Crispix
1 (1 gal.) sealable plastic bag
8 oz. of chocolate coating or dipping chocolate
Wax paper


1-2 large microwave safe, mixing bowls
1 cup measurer
1-2 spoons
1 cookie or toast pan
1 serving bowl or tray (optional)


In a mixing bowl, melt 3-4 squares of chocolate coating, which amounts to about 6-8 ounces. Use 4 squares for a thorough coating.

Heat chocolate squares in microwave on high for 30 seconds. Use a small spoon to stir. If the chocolate isn’t quite melted, heat for up to 30 seconds more. The more chocolate you add, the longer the melting time will be.

To be on the safe side, never heat for more than 30 seconds at a time. This allows  time to stir and also helps to prevent burning.

Measure out 6 cups of cereal into a large bowl. Pour the cereal, a little at a time, into the melted chocolate.

Stir gently but well after each addition of cereal. Set aside when cereal is coated to your satisfaction.

Tear off a sheet of wax paper and line your cookie sheet or toast pan. Pour the cereal mix onto the pan to dry slightly. Make sure you spread the cereal out as much as possible. Let set and cool for about 10 minutes.

In your gallon sized bag, add your two cups of confectioners’ sugar.

When the cereal and chocolate have cooled, break apart any large chunks. Then add the cereal mix to your bag with sugar and close.

Leave plenty of air inside the bag. Shake gently until the chocolate coated cereal is coated with the sugar.

It should look something like this. I usually let the mix stay in the bag about 10 minutes to make sure the sugar sticks to the chocolate well.

Now it’s time to add the doo-dads that will give it a Halloween flavor, so to speak. At parties, we use a simple metal tray, a ceramic ghost, a leaf garland, and a pack of individual silk leaves. When eating while watching movies, we use a decorative dish or even a plastic Halloween cup. If you use the party tray idea, it may look something like this.