Longing, Dear, For You Sheet Music

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Longing, Dear, For You
By John H. Densmore
Sheet Music
Original Copyright 1919

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Longing, dear, for you

   When the shadows softly falling,
   When the nightingale is calling,
   Then my heart is ever longing,
   Longing, dear, for you.

      Night comes on so gently stealing,
      With my rosary I'm kneeling,
      Deep and true is ev'ry feeling,
      Longing, dear, for you.

         Some hearts are longing for fame, dear,
         Riches and glory too,
         But my heart is only longing.
         Longing, my dear, for you.

            Patiently I'll wait for ever,
            Longing cannot break or sever,
            Faithful I shall be for ever,
            Longing, dear, for you.

               John H. Densmore