Angel Plaque and Yule Candles Craft Pattern

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Angel Plaque and Yule Candles Craft Pattern


Materials: Dennison's crepe paper, brown, light blue, white, flesh pink; Dennison's duplex crepe paper, gold, green; gold metallic paper; two 10" paper plates; lightweight cardboard; green and white spool wire; paste; gummed tape; shallow box lid, 3½" x 5"; silver flitter; gummed silver stars; pipe cleaner; 1 marble; absorbent cotton: water colors, red, white, blue, black; wire stemmed holly berries.

Directions: Bracket: Cut 2" off one plate; 4½" off other plate. Place cut edges of plates together at right angles, secure with gummed tape across back (Fig. 1). Crush two 12" squares metallic paper between fingers, then smooth out slightly. Brush front of plates with paste and press paper onto them, overlap onto back of plates. Stretch brown crepe paper, crush and paste to back of plates, trim.

SHELTER: For roof, cut a strip of cardboard 4" x 11". Score across center and bend in half, crosswise. To make shingles, cut a 1½" wide strip from folded green duplex crepe paper. Cut scallops along one edge, 1" wide and 1" deep (Fig. 2). Paste on roof in overlapping rows, alternating scallops for shingled effect. Paste a 1" wide strip over ridge of roof. Line roof with brown crepe paper. For poles, cut 8 cardboard strips ½" x 5". Paste together in pairs to make 4 poles, leaving ½" without paste at one end of each pole. Paste crushed brown crepe paper over poles. Bend out ½" tabs and paste one pole to each corner of top of box lid. Paste crushed brown crepe paper over lid. Cut tops of poles to fit slant of roof. Paste roof on poles (Fig. 3). Stand shelter in smaller plate of bracket. Punch two holes through back plate and back edge of box lid. Fasten shelter to bracket by running green wire through holes.

PINE BOUGHS: Cut thirty pieces of green duplex crepe paper, 5" x 2", cutting 5" length with the grain. Fold in half, crosswise, and cut edges opposite fold into fine-pointed fringe. Insert a 5" piece of spool wire along fold, draw together tightly and twist ends together to hold "needle cluster" (Fig. 4). Wrap 3 to 5 needle clusters to a 12" piece of wire with a ½" strip of brown crepe paper, stretching paper slightly as you wrap. Make several more branches and join together to form spray (Fig. 5). Cover joinings with additional ½" strips of brown crepe paper.  Fasten spray to back plate of bracket with green wire in same fashion as shelter. To make the berry-trimmed sprays, cut 2 strips of green duplex crepe paper 1¾" wide and 18" long, cutting the 1¾" width with grain. Fold into eighths and fringe about 1½" deep. Cut two 9" lengths of wire. Wrap entire length of each wire with fringed strip. Insert holly berries at intervals by holding stems against wire and wrapping over both together. Shape sprays into curves around base of shelter and fasten to back by poking end of wire through plate.

ANGEL: Head: Pad marble with cotton. Stretch a 4" square of flesh-colored crepe paper over it; tie with wire close to marble (Fig. 6). Paint in features—white eyeballs, blue eyes, black eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, red nostrils, mouth.
   Body: Make a 4" high cone of construction paper, 1¾" across at base. Place head on top of cone, smoothing and pasting extra paper of head onto cone (Fig. 7).
   Arms: Fasten center of pipe cleaner to back of neck with ½" strips of flesh-colored crepe paper wound over and around neck and pipe cleaner. Bend up ½" at each end to form hand loops.
   Dress: For bottom ruffling, cut 2 strips of blue crepe paper 15" with the grain x 2". Brush one 15" edge of one strip lightly with paste; sprinkle silver flitter over paste, let dry. Fold each strip in half lengthwise; gather through fold to fit around base of cone, ½" from bottom. Attach untrimmed double ruffle to cone, ½" from bottom, by inserting wire in fold of ruffle and twisting ends tight to hold against cone. Attach flitter-trimmed ruffle just above in same manner. Make similar double ruffles for neck and wrists. Cut neck ruffle 1½" wide and 8" long, wrist ruffles 1" wide and 5" long. Decorate 1 edge of sleeve ruffles with silver flitter. Wire ruffles in place. Paste a silver star on front of neck ruffle.
   For dress itself, cut blue crepe paper 4" with the grain x 10". Fold down ½" along one 10" edge. Gather along fold to fit around cone just below arms. Insert wire along fold, pull snug, twisting ends of wire together to fasten dress to body. Press paper against length of body for draped effect. Stretch paper at bottom edge to make it flare over ruffles. Paste dress to body just above bottom ruffles. Fasten edge of dress to ruffles with silver star at 1" intervals.
   Hair and Halo: Cut a strip of gold duplex crepe paper, 3½" x 1¼", cutting 1¼" width with grain. Cut a 1" deep fringe along length. Curl fringe over knitting needle. Paste 2 layers of fringe around head. Paste a small square of gold crepe paper over crown, fringing edge along face to form bangs. For halo, bend a 5" piece of white wire in half and shape into a circle about ¾" across. Twist ends of wire together below circle and bend them at right angles to circle. Brush circle with paste, sprinkle with silver flitter. Paste twisted wire to back of head with a small piece of gold crepe paper.

ARCH OF STARS: Cut a 6½" piece of white wire. Twist ends through hand loops and shape wire into arch. Paste silver stars along it in pairs, back to back. Brush front of stars with paste and sprinkle with silver flitter.

WINGS: Cut 2 hearts 2¾" high and 2½" wide of white crepe paper. Fringe around edges. Brush front edges with paste, sprinkle with silver flitter. Paste wings in place.


Materials: Gold metallic paper; Dennison's green duplex crepe paper; green spool wire; wire-stemmed holly berries; star-shaped glass candle holders; candles.

Directions: Cover candle holders with gold paper. Make "greens" with crepe paper and berries in same way as "greens" of Angel Plaque. Twine around candles.

Angel Plaque and Yule Candles Craft Pattern
Angel Plaque and Yule Candles Craft Pattern