Jim Fox | John Martin's Spool Zoo #1

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Here is Jim FOX
wise as can be;
And very, very
sly is he.
Quite fond of chickens
is old Jim;
But they don't care
so much for him.
And so we put
Jim in the Zoo;
And here he is
to play with you.
Now, get a SPOOL
from Mother's box;
Then you can play
with Jimmy Fox.

How to Make The Fox

With your sharp scissors cut me out carefully along the fine dotted lines.
   Now, get a spool of the right size to fit me. Spread glue carefully on both ends of the spool, allowing it to harden a little; then stick my head on one end of the spool and my tail end on the other.
   Now, you have me standing up for you as a GOOD FOX should do.