The Lion | John Martin's Spool Zoo #4

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Here is a LION
from the Zoo.
He says he wants
to play with you.
He likes to live
where jungles are,
Far, far away–
(yes, very far).
This LION doesn't
roar, or rage;
You need not put
him in a cage.
If you will get
a SPOOL and glue,
And scissors, he
will play with you.

How to Make The Lion

With your sharp scissors cut me out carefully along the fine dotted lines.
   Now, get a spool of the right size to fit me. Spread glue carefully on both ends of the spool, allowing it to harden a little; then stick my head on one end of the spool and my tail end on the other.
   Then you'll have me standing up for you as a kind LION should do.