The Zebra | John Martin's Spool Zoo #3

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The ZEBRA has
stripes all around.
In Africa
this beast is found.
But, here is Zebra
just for you;
And he is glad
to be here, too.
He says, "My Dear,
come play with me.
I'm lots of fun,
as you shall see.
Just get a SPOOL
and see how gay
when he's at play.

How to Make The Zebra

With your sharp scissors cut me out carefully along the fine dotted lines.
   Now, get a spool of the right size to fit me. Spread glue carefully on both ends of the spool, allowing it to harden a little; then stick my head on one end of the spool and my tail end on the other.
   There, you have me standing up for you as a good ZEBRA should do.