Fruit Motifs for Cross Stitch | McCall's No. 628

Fruit Motifs for Cross Stitch | McCall's No. 628

Fruit Motifs for Cross Stitch
Pattern 628
McCall's Pattern Company
Original Copyright 1938

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Patterns Included: 
Peach, Pear, Cherries, Orange, Grapes, Strawberries, Lemon, Pineapple, Plums, Apple, Bananas.

Pattern includes 11 fruit motifs: peach 3¾ x 3¾ inches; pear 3⅜ x 4¼; orange 3¾ x 4¼; cherries 4⅜ x 4¼; grapes 4¾ x 4½; strawberries 2¾ x 3; pineapple 4 x 8⅛; lemon 3 x 3⅝; plums 3⅜ x 3¾; apple 3¾ x 4¼; and bananas 4⅜ x 4¾. A chart for placing the colors and diagrams showing how to arrange the motifs on lunch cloths, table cloth, runner and luncheon set are also included.

This colorful fruit design for cross stitch makes a charming decoration for lunch cloths, runners, lunch sets, table cloths, curtains and slip covers for chair backs. The 10 to the inch crosses are suitable for six strand cotton.

Suggested Materials—Linen, cotton with a linen finish, cotton broadcloth, percale, gingham, and unbleached muslin are suitable materials. The diagrams in the pattern show the pieces made of 36-inch material. The large cloth can be made of 36, 54 or 72-inch material.

How to Use Design—The diagrams on the leaflet give the finished sizes of the linens. When cutting material, allow ⅜ inch for seams and ⅜ inch for narrow hems. We advise narrow hems for all the pieces shown on the leaflet except the 36-inch lunch cloth. This cloth is finished with a contrasting binding. One diagram shows a table cloth, finished size 54 x 72 inches. This cloth can be made of 36, 54 or 72-inch material. If using 36-inch ma­terial, use the full width through the center and narrow strips at each side as shown in the diagram. The diagram also shows the arrangement of the motifs. Another diagram shows a 54-inch cloth made of two contrasting colors, using white for the center and colored mate­rial for the border. This diagram also shows an interesting arrangement of the motifs. The 36-inch cloth in the diagram has a bound edge. A runner size 16 x 36 inches is also shown. This is made of two contrasting colors, using one color for the center and the other for the border at sides. Diagrams are given for a luncheon set made of two contrasting colors. The centerpiece is 11 x 22 inches and the place mat is 11 x 17 inches. On the place mats use the smaller motifs, such as the strawberries, plums, peaches, lemons and oranges.

The illustration on the front of envelope shows the motifs used on a large cloth 54 x 72 inches. The illustration also shows the motifs used on a slip cover for chair back and on curtains.

Before Working—Cut the material to the desired size, being sure to allow ⅜ inch for seams, and ⅜ inch for narrow hems. The measurements given in the diagrams on the leaflet are finished sizes. Use narrow flat hems on the 54 x 72 inch cloths. On the smaller cloths, runners and luncheon sets, use plain rolled hems, or work over the rolled hems with cross stitch.

To Embroider—Use six strand cotton using three strands in the needle for all work. The entire design is done in cross stitch. The most satisfactory results are obtained when the crosses touch as shown in the detail. Follow the chart on the leaflet for placing the colors.