Pansy and Dogwood Blossoms | McCall's No. 902

Pansy and Dogwood Blossoms | McCall's No. 902

Pansy and Dogwood Blossoms
Pattern 902
McCall's Pattern Company
Original Copyright 1941

Patterns Included: 
Pansy, Dogwood Blossoms.

Pattern includes the following pansy motifs; 6 small corners A, 3½ x 3½ inches; 2 straight motifs B, 2⅜ x 8⅜ inches; 4 large corners C, 6⅛ x 6⅛ inches and 6 single flowers D, 3⅛ x 3⅝ inches and the following dogwood motifs: 6 single flowers E, 2¾ x 3¾; 2 straight motifs F, 3 x 8⅝; 4 large corners G, 5⅝ x 6⅛ and 6 small corners H, 3¼ x 4⅛ inches. A chart for placing the colors is also included in the pattern.

Needlepoint embroidery, something different—a new idea—in hand-work! The stitch is nothing more or less than half cross-stitch. The motif when finished looks somewhat as though woven right into the fabric itself. You work across in rows, covering each line with a stitch. This simple stitch lends itself well to a highly shaded flower, such as the pansy or to a flower with fewer colors, such as the dogwood. The designs are suitable for lunch sets, luncheon cloths, scarfs, pillows, towels, etc., and may be used effectively on white or colored backgrounds.

SUGGESTED MATERIALS—Lunch sets and lunch cloths may be made of linen or cotton with a smooth linen finish and pillows, of cotton, linen, silk or smooth upholstery fabrics. Be sure to choose materials with a smooth surface, as the short lines of this design will not stamp well on materials with a rough surface. Six strand cotton should be used for the embroidery. The colors used in the pansies are purple, red violet, lavender, vermillion, blue green, yellow green, yellow and white. The dogwood may be done in white, shaded with pink, or in pink shaded with rose. Other colors required for the dogwood are green and brown.