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Safety Tips

Preventing Kitchen Fires: Recipe for Safer Cooking: Follow these tips to protect you and your family when in the kitchen. Kitchen safety is important and whether stirring up a quick dinner or creating a masterpiece four-course meal, here’s a recipe for safer cooking you need to use daily. (More)

Preventing Christmas Tree Fires: Each year fires occurring during the holiday season injure 1,650 Americans and cause over $990 million in damage. There are simple life-saving steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy holiday. By following some of the outlined precautionary Christmas tree safety tips, individuals can greatly reduce their chances of becoming a holiday fire casualty. (More)

Useless Facts and Random Stuff

12 Month Calendar: It is fun to turn calendar pages and think of special days that the new year will bring. And it's interesting to know something about the calendar itself. Primitive people did not have calendars. They knew that days, nights and seasons came round again and again, but they did not know why... (More)

Bronze Janus Heads: For over 2000 years the first month of the new year has been called January. The month is named after Janus, one of the oldest and most important, and certainly one of the busiest, of the Roman gods. There were many temples to Janus in Rome, and in times of war the entrances to these temples were left open so that Janus could welcome back Rome's victorious armies when they returned from battle... (More)

Building Totem Poles: A totem pole is a little like a flag. Every country has its flag to represent it and the ideals for which it stands. Everyone in that country respects this flag. It is a sign of the country and the people it belongs to. When we see the American flag, we know that we are Americans, and we feel proud of our country... (More)

How to Start a Stamp Collection: Did you know that you can be a stamp collector by saving just the stamps that come into your house on family mail? You don't even have to buy a stamp album to be a collector; you can make your own. A good album may be made by using a ring binder notebook, and some plain white paper to fit it... (More)

Monthly Moon Phases: The moon is a great traveler. Every month it takes a trip around the earth. In fact the moon never stops traveling. Around and around the earth it goes. During each of these monthly trips the moon takes around the earth, sometimes it looks like a large circle in the sky; other times it looks like a half-circle facing either right or left. And sometimes there is no moon at all! (More)

Natural Fulgurite: Glass, as we know it, is manufactured for us. It is made by melting sand, lime, and soda in blast furnaces, at very high temperature. When the mixture is liquid, impurities are removed; the resulting product is glass, which is allowed to cool until it is ready for blowing or molding into useful shapes... (More)

Perfect Picnic Menu: One of the healthiest summer habits is preparing an easy picnic lunch to eat with your loved ones. By all means cultivate it. When the weather is nice outside, take as many of your meals out of doors as you can conveniently manage. There is nothing like an outing in the open air to improve health or raise the spirits... (More)