Shaggy Bearskin Rug Pattern

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Shaggy Bearskin Rug Pattern

Shaggy Bearskin rugs are quickly made of ENTERPRISE Yarn by tying tassels to the face of a canvas rug back. Select a piece of heavy canvas or drill of the size desired for rug—draw lines on this canvas (or mark dots) ¾" apart lengthwise of the rug and 1 apart across the rug. For a round rug draw circles ¾" apart around the rug and place tassels 1" apart on the circles.

Tassels are made of a number of pieces of yarn cut to desired length and tied to the back at the spots marked by intersection of the lines.

Shaggier rugs with pile are made in solid plain colors. When made with 12 to 14 ends to the tassel, they are especially desirable for living rooms, porch, or bedrooms. (See picture at bottom.)

Designed rugs are best with 2" pile made of 16 to 20 ends. The colors will show as pictured above and many beautiful designs may be made for bath and bedrooms, or the living room.


As when knitting, yarn from both ends of each ball may be used and if 5 balls are used 10 ends is the result. To get 20 ends in the simplest manner is the aim. The number of balls of each color to be used in the rug will determine the method to be followed.

If 10 balls of a color are needed, remove "unwind from this end" labels and stand all upright in box on floor, and bring all ten ends up over edge of table and cut into 4" lengths—two lengths will make a tassel.

If only 9 or 8 balls, or less—use yarn from both ends of 1 or 2 or more balls to get 10 ends—after unwinding a portion, change balls feeding from both ends and rotate so that all will run out at one time.

If only one ball of a color is needed, use yarn from both ends and wind 10 times around winding card for each tassel.

A winding card will also help—cut a piece of heavy cardboard 2" wide and 8 or 10 inches long. Around this yarn from 1 to 10 balls (or even all 20 balls) may be wound for 30 to 50 turns to fill the card. After filling the card, the yarn is cut along one edge with a sharp scissors or razor blade. The result is a number of pieces that may be picked up in units of 20 ends and piled criss-cross as shown, ready to attach to the back when desired.

Sewing to Back: The position of each tassel is indicated on the rug back by the crossing of the lines (shown here as four dots). Use a heavy darning needle, threaded with ENTERPRISE Yarn in same color as used for pile of the rug. Stitch through the first two dots and then bring yarn back and stitch through the second two dots of the same set, across the rug—see No. 1 on sketch. Do not pull through, but leave a loop as shown. Into this loop insert one of the tassels (already cut). Find the center of tassel—No. 2 on sketch—and sew to back. To find center, place both ends of the tassel together and pull up against the loop, and then pull the needle end of the thread to tighten loop around the tassel. The tassel should now be allowed to lie out, opened on the rug back and must be placed lengthwise of the rug. See No. 3 on sketch. Grasp both ends of the stitching thread and tie a square knot to fasten securely to the back. Trim off ends of the tying thread even with the top end of the tassel. Repeat, until every set of dots on rug has a tassel on it.
If making conventional designs like stripes, squares, blocks, borders, etc., only these spots are used. If floral, triangular, round, or other unsymmetrical shapes are to be made, it may be necessary to fill in hollow spots with extra tassels to make the desirable smooth texture.

Designs are simple to lay out on the back. Using a soft pencil or crayon, draw the design by connecting dots on which color blocks, stripes, or spots are to be placed. Many designs can be made— copied from almost everything you see; rugs—pictures—drawings —cross stitch designs, etc.

On curved ends as on oval rugs, tie the tassels parallel to the lines drawn on back for 2 or 3 rows—they will drape more symmetrically and "terrace" up to the center more gracefully.

MATERIAL REQUIRED: 14 end 3" 20 end 2"
20" x 30" Rug (725 tassels) 18 balls 15 balls
30" Round Rug (940 tassels) 23 balls 19 balls
30" Square Rug (1170 tassels) 28 balls 23 balls
30" x 45" Rug (1680 tassels) 42 balls 34 balls
24" x 36" Rug (1152 tassels) 28 balls 23 balls

The above is figured on 7⅓ feet of yarn to each tassel. If vari-color designs are inserted, as on the 20 x 30 initial rug, count the tassels covered with the colors—in this design 292 tassels = 292 x 7⅓ = 2141 ft. = 714 yds. or 6 balls (125 yds. to ball). Balance of rug will take 9 balls.

Personal initials as shown are always desirable. A single large initial may also be laid out on any size or shape back.
School and college initials in school colors are suitable for the boys' or girls' room, in round or rectangular shapes.

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Shaggy Bearskin Rug Pattern
Shaggy Bearskin Rug Pattern