Black-eyed Peas Recipe

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Serving black-eyed peas is a wonderful way to add fiber to your meals and help to reduce cholesterol. Whether you want to eat healthier foods or just want some good ol’ home cooking, this basic recipe for cooking black-eyed peas will hit the spot.  

1 lb. bag of dried black-eyed peas
1 T. salt
¼ C. cooking oil
6 to 8 C. cold water
1 jar pepper jelly (optional)
Chopped onions (optional)
1 jar Bacon bits (optional)

When using dried peas, you’ll needed to soak them overnight to re-hydrate them. If you are not using dried peas, you may skip this step.
In a large bowl or pot, place the peas, salt, oil, and water. Let soak overnight, approximately 6-8 hours.
In the morning or when you are ready to cook the peas, drain and replace the water, covering the peas well. In the pressure cooker do not fill the cooker more than half-full.

*Note: Since the peas are cooked in the pressure cooker, I let the dried peas soak in the cooker, as seen above.


Place the lid on the cooker and the regulator on the vent. Heat on medium heat, cooking for 20 minutes. If foam begins to come out of the vent, reduce the heat more and continue to cook for the remaining time.

Turn the heat off and let stand until the pressure drop on its own.

If you plan on adding toppings, now would be a great time to chop the fresh onions or get the other toppings ready.

Once the pressure has dropped, remove the lid and serve on individual plates or in a serving bowl.

Serving Suggestions:
Although black-eyed peas are delicious served right along with your meal, you may want to add a little more flavor. To do this you may want to top with a jelly or relish, chopped onions, bacon bits, stewed tomatoes, etc.
You may want to offer several of these options as I did.