Lily Chart Pattern

Lily Chart Pattern

Pattern includes transfer designs for two cross-stitch florals, lily and hibiscus, for pictures or pillows. Designs are to be worked in 5-to-inch cross-stitch plus French knots for lily. See directions for colors, amount required and manufacturer's color numbers of six strand cotton.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: ⅝ yd. of 52" wide smooth natural, ivory or cream linen or cotton with a linen finish will make two pictures or pillows. Use ⅝ yd. 35" or 36" fabric for one picture or pillow, 1¼ yds. 35" or 36" for two. If making pillow cover, use boxed inner pillow 18" or 20" square. Buy enough contrast fabric for back and sides of pillow and for corded welting. Cut cover 1 " larger than finished pillow to allow for ½" seams.

CROSS-STITCH: Cut fabric 22½" wide x 25" high.  Turn under raw edges ¼" and edge stitch. Using contrasting thread, baste along the stamped corner angles and from center line to center line through the design both ways to divide it into quarters. Using a colored pencil, mark leaflet through center of design both ways. Follow leaflet charts for placing colors. Use full six strands of six-strand cotton in needle. In working cross-stitch it is important to have the crosses of the entire design crossed in the same direction. See detail. Keep stitches even by having them touch, putting the needle in the same hole used for adjoining stitch.

REMAINING EMBROIDERY FOR LILY: Using transfer sheet as guide, work French knots in lily petals, using 4 strands of henna six-strand cotton in the needle, three times over needle. Steel blue or dark green back stitches outlining white crosses are optional.

TO BLOCK DESIGN: Cover a large board with clean paper and mark size of fabric (22" x 24½") on the paper. If embroidered piece is soiled, wash. Place wet piece (right side up) on board, pull edges of fabric to meet guide lines drawn on paper. Thumb tack all edges of fabric to board, placing tacks ½" apart. Allow to remain until thoroughly dry.

TO MOUNT AND FRAME: Mount the embroidered piece by stretching over stiff cardboard cut 16⅞" wide x 17⅞" high. When stretching be sure to keep design perfectly straight and centered. Drive straight pins through fabric into the edges of cardboard, keeping fabric straight. Paste the edges of fabric down on wrong side or use masking tape. Illustrations show the picture framed in a 17" x 18" frame with a 1⅛"-1½" wide molding.

Lily Chart Pattern
Lily Chart Pattern
Lily Chart Color Key
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Spool Cotton Company

Modern Table Settings in Crochet
Modern Table Settings
New Table Settings
Doilies, Luncheon Sets and Table Runners
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 40
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 88
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 95
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 118
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Table Topics Book 123
Tables of Tomorrow
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 123
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 135
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 152
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 157
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The Spool Cotton Co
Book 185
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American Thread Company

Tablecloth Book
Tablecloth Book
bedspreads and tablecloths
Star / American Thread
Book 11
Star / American Thread
Book 28
Star / American Thread
Book 109
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Lily Mills Company

Table Doilies
Lily Mills
Book 57
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Bernhard Ulmann

banquet cloth and bedspread creations
Bernhard Ulmann
Book 106
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Designs by Paula Vaughan


Leisure Arts 15868
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts
Best of Paula Vaughan
Book One
Leisure Arts 392
Leisure Arts 448
Leisure Arts 449
Leisure Arts 474
Summers Remembered
Book One
Leisure Arts 471
Leisure Arts 492
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Leisure Arts 520
Book Seven
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The Fabric of Dreams
Book Thirteen
Quilting Lessons
Book Fourteen
A Little Girl's Fancy
Blue Ribbon Winner
Leisure Arts 650
Leisure Arts 679
Leisure Arts 680
Leisure Arts 683
Book Seventeen
Love Songs
Book Eighteen
Let's Pretend
Book Nineteen
Long Ago
Book Twenty
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 717
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Leisure Arts 744
Book Twenty-One
Cherished Dreams
Book Twenty-Two
Forgotten Basket
Book Twenty-Three
Something Old, Something New
Book Twenty-Four
Leisure Arts 776
Leisure Arts 792
Leisure Arts 793
Leisure Arts 825
Rose of Sharon
Book Twenty-Five
Grandma's Favorite Chair
Book Twenty-Six
Friendship Bouquet
Book Twenty-Seven
The Seamstress
Book Twenty-Eight
Leisure Arts 826
Leisure Arts 829
Leisure Arts 854
Leisure Arts 884
The Quilter
Book Twenty-Nine
The Embroiderer
Book Thirty
Friendship Quilts
Book Thirty-One
Sisters Three
Book Thirty-Two
Leisure Arts 885
Leisure Arts 904
Leisure Arts 933
Leisure Arts 980
In the Garret
Book Thirty-Three
Memories of Christmas
Book Thirty-Four
Cherished Moments
Sunlight and Silhouettes
Leisure Arts 2013
Leisure Arts 2016
Leisure Arts 2025
Leisure Arts
Poems and Promises
Book Thirty-Seven
The Porch Swing
Book Thirty-Eight
Rose Garden
Book Thirty-Nine
Book Forty
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 2107
Leisure Arts
Book Forty-One
Book Forty-Two
Sonnets of Love
Book Forty-Three
Book Forty-Four
Leisure Arts 2157
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Summer Breeze
Book Forty-Five
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Book Forty-Seven
From This Day Forward
Book Forty-Eight
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Book Fifty
Book Fifty-One
Garden Party
Book Fifty-Two
Leisure Arts 2475
Leisure Arts 2511
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Leisure Arts 2539
Inspired by Scripture
Book Fifty-Three
Inspired by Scripture Part II
Book Fifty-Four
Thoughts of Spring
Book Fifty-Five
Quilts For All Seasons
Book Fifty-Six
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 2735
Leisure Arts 2742
Leisure Arts 2841
Book Fifty-Seven
Good Neighbors
Book Fifty-Eight
Delicate Beauties
Book Fifty-Nine
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 2912
Leisure Arts 2942
Leisure Arts
Book Sixty-One
Through A Mother's Eyes
Book Sixty-Two
Bouquets & Blossoms
Book Sixty-Three
Book Sixty-Four
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 3054
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 3084
Book Sixty-Five
Grandmother's House
Book Sixty-Six
Book Sixty-Seven
At Home with Paula
Book Sixty-Eight
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 3155
Leisure Arts 3157
Book Sixty-Nine
Book Seventy
Granny's Attic
Book Seventy-One
Preserved in Time
Book Seventy-Two
Leisure Arts 3193
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 3271
A Mother's Love
Book Seventy-Three
Book Seventy-Four
Victory Garden
Book Seventy-Five
Quilts From the Garden
Book Seventy-Six
Leisure Arts 3287
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts 3356
Leisure Arts 3493
Gifts of Love
Book Seventy-Seven
Book Seventy-Eight
Flowers for Mama
Book Seventy-Nine
Leisure Arts 3794
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts

Other pattern books on Amazon by Paula Vaughan.

About the Designer

Paula Vaughan is a talented artist of oils and watercolors. Many have been reproduced as beautiful cross stitch designs published by Leisure Arts.

Make It Yourself For Christmas | Star Book No. 142 | American Thread Company

Make It Yourself For Christmas | Star Book No. 142 | American Thread Company

Make it Yourself for Christmas
Book 142
American Thread Company
No Original Copyright
Circa 1955

PDF eBookPDF eBook
Patterns Included: 
Harlequin Ornament, Xmas Bell Ornament, Basket Doily, Pink Crocheted Glitter Ornament, Glitter Star Ornament, Christmas Tree, Santa, Xmas Wreath, Christmas Pom Poms, Fluff Star Ornament, Christmas Angel, Christmas Bubbles Ornament, Christmas Cards, Small Santa, Bird, Xmas Tree, Place Card Xmas Tree.

Gay Gadgets | Book No. 121 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gay Gadgets | Book No. 121 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gay Gadgets
Book 121
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1938

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Patterns Included: 
Sea Shells Purse, Chair Seat, two Pillow Tops, Tailored Boutonniere, Sweet Pea Corsage, Glass Jackets, Crocheted Knitting Bag, two Pot Holders, four Curtain Pulls, Tassel Belt, Bag and Belt Set, Turtle Coasters, Victorian Pin Cushion, Pumpkin Pin Cushion, Drum Pin Cushion, Heart Pin Cushion, three Towel Edgings, Bedroom Slippers, Beach Sandals, Crocheted Hot Plate Set, Foot Stool, Square Compact Cover, Round Compact Cover, Peasant Stripe Belt, Corded Hot Plate Set, Pom Pom, Two-Color Pom Pom, Knitting Bag.


Between the covers of this book you will find a grand collection of light-hearted pick-up work! It isn't only the ability to crochet bedspreads and tablecloths that marks the devotee of the crochet hook … she finds lots of fun, too, in crocheting gay little gadgets with a ball or so of bright colored thread.

And what an opportunity for giving different looking gifts when anni­versaries, birthdays, and Christmasses roll along! A bride-to-be will thrill over the sombrero glass holders … while the man of the house would take that nice looking Indian pillow right to his heart! But, best of all, the home- seeker who crochets can add charming touches to her own home, or find here brand new fashion ideas that will perk up her wardrobe.

Place Card Xmas Tree Pattern

Place Card Xmas Tree Pattern

Materials Required:
1 oz. Green or Color of your choice.
8 inch length of medium wire.
Small section aluminum foil and cardboard.

Cut skein into 2 inch lengths. Thread 3 strands of yarn onto wire, bend wire back over yarn for top of tree. With free end of wire, continue threading yarn onto wire to within one inch and until wire is comfortably full.
Cut 2 sections of cardboard 2 inches in diameter. Punch hole in center of one section. Cover both sections of cardboard with aluminum foil. Place free end of wire through hole, bend and attach securely. Place 2nd cardboard over bottom and staple (or paste) 2 sections together.
If desired, tree may be sprayed with snow or trimmed as desired. We pasted jeweled sequins here and there and wound silver tying cord as illustrated. We made a Star for top of tree. (Follow directions for Angel's halo for Star, only working 5 points and completing Star at center).
Print place card and attach to tree with fine wire.

Xmas Tree Pattern

Xmas Tree Pattern

Materials Required:
2 oz. Silver or Color of your choice for 9 inch tree.
12" length Heavy Floral Wire.
Section of Aluminum Foil.
Tree Trimming desired.

Cut skein in half, then cut skein 3 times into 6 inch lengths, twice into 5 inch lengths, twice into 4 inch lengths, twice into 3 inch lengths, twice into 2 inch lengths and once into a 1 inch length.
To Shape Tree: Starting with 6 inch strand of yarn, thread yarn on to wire at center. Continue threading yarn onto wire graduating sizes from 6 inch strands to the 1 inch strands. Bend wire back over 3 strands of wire at top.
Cut 2 cardboard circles 6 inches in diameter. Puncture hole in center of one section. Cover both cardboard circles with aluminum foil. Place tree on top of one section of cardboard placing wire through center of cardboard. Bend wire securely under cardboard. Place 2nd section of cardboard on bottom and staple together.
Tree may be trimmed with beads and ribbon as illustrated or as desired.

Bird Pattern

Bird Pattern

Materials Required:
"DAWN" BULKY YARN, Article W-33
2 oz. White or color of your choice
6 inch length medium wire
"Star" Six Strand Mercerized Embroidery Cotton, Article 50
1 skein Yellow for bill
Pink Sequins for neck, wings and tail.
2 Blue Sequins for eyes

Wind yarn 40 times over a 6 inch cardboard. Tie one end slip from cardboard, tie again about 1 inch from 1st tying for head, then tie again 2½ inches from last tying for body. Cut other end for tail. Comb or brush tail until fluffy. Stuff body with cotton or yarn. Sew pink sequins all around neck, then sew sequins in outline of wings as illustrated. Sew 2 blue sequins in place for eyes.
Thread 4 strands of "Dawn" Bulky through bill section and with "Star" Six Strand Mercerized Embroidery Cotton work ½" in buttonhole stitch over the 4 strands of Bulky to complete bill. Trim Bulky yarn and embroidery cotton.
Finish by winding "Dawn" Bulky Yarn over wire for feet, and attach in position as illustrated.

Small Santa Pattern

Small Santa Pattern

Materials Required:
"DAWN" BULKY YARN, Article W-33
2 oz. Crimson
2 oz. White
2 yds. Medium Wire
2 Blue Jewel Sequins for eyes, Red Jewel Sequins for Nose

Santa's hat, arms, body and legs are made by threading 2" lengths of yarn through center on to specified lengths of wire. Thread 3 or 4 strands on to wire, then bend wire over the strands to secure end.
Head: Wind White 40 times over 3½ inch cardboard, tie both ends, fluff into ball shape. Sew blue sequins in place for eyes and red sequins in place for nose. (Tint face with face powder if desired.)
Eyebrows: Cut 12 – 1 inch strands of White. Sew 6 strands in place for each eyebrow.
Moustache: Wind White 30 times over 3½ inch cardboard. tie one end, cut other end. Brush and comb until fluffy. Attach in place.
Beard: Wind White 60 times over a 5 inch cardboard and complete same as moustache.
Cut remainder of White into 2 inch lengths, cut Crimson skein in half then cut into 2" lengths. Cut wire into 2 – 14 inch lengths (1 for arms and 1 for legs), 1 – 9 inch length for center section, 1 – 12 inch length for Crimson of hat and 1–9 inch length for White of hat. To assemble Santa – Starting with arm section, thread White onto wire for about 1 inch, then thread Crimson to within 1 inch of end, thread White onto remainder of wire. Thread 9" length for center section in Crimson. Thread leg section same as arm section. Fold leg section in half, fold body section in half, then fold body section around center of leg section, and join center section together at top. Fold arm section in half, pull through center section. Bind sections firmly at joinings. Wire head section and body section together firmly. Cut sufficient amount of 2" lengths of White in half for 9" section of hat. Thread on to wire and attach to head section. Thread 12 inch length of wire with Crimson for hat and complete one end with 1 inch of the 2 inch lengths in White. Attach to top of head section with wires, leaving 3" of this wire free of head section.

Christmas Cards Pattern

Christmas Cards Pattern

Materials Required:
⅓ ounce each Golf Green, Scarlet, White, National Blue, Amber and Black
Casein Glue and Art Paper

Fold art paper to desired size and shape.
Roughly sketch Tree, Wreath, Candle or Angel as pictured. Cut yarn into ¾ inch lengths. Completely cover sketch with glue then with ¾ inch lengths of yarn, cover design completely.
Angel–Cover dress with White. If desired, a suitable face from a magazine may be pasted in place. Wind Amber between fingers to form curl, then bring yarn around face and form curl on other side of face. Cut 2– 1 inch lengths of Scarlet for candles. Top each with a ¼ inch length Amber for flame. Wind Gold Christmas cord flat between fingers and paste in place for halo.
Christmas Tree–Cover tree completely with Green yarn, cut into ¾ inch lengths and placed in branch like position. Wind a 1½ inch length flat between fingers to form spiral and paste in place for Christmas balls. (We used Scarlet, Blue, Amber and White for balls).
Wreath–Work in same manner as Tree, having balls in Scarlet, Amber, Blue and White placed as illustrated. Tie an 8 inch length of Scarlet into bow and paste in place.
Snow Man–Sketch as desired. Wind a 7½ inch length of White flat between fingers for head and paste in place. Wind a 13 inch length flat between fingers for center section and paste in place, then wind a 20 inch length flat between fingers for lower section and paste in place. Wind a 1 inch length of Black flat between fingers for button and paste in place on center section. Work 2 more buttons in same manner. Wind a 1 inch length of Scarlet and paste in place for Nose. Separate a ⅜ inch length of Black in 2 parts and paste in place for Eyes. Paste a 1½ inch length of Scarlet in place for Mouth.
Scarf–Cut a 7 inch length of Amber. Wind one end flat to fit at Neck, paste in place. Paste tip of other end of scarf in place, cut free end of scarf at center and tie at neck edge.
Hat–Cut a 4 inch length of Green. Hold length of yarn between fingers, wind flat to form a length 1¼ inches. Paste in place for Hat trim. Cut a 3½ inch length for top of Hat and wind flat between fingers for top of Hat. Wind a 1 inch length of Amber for Hat trim and paste in place. (This card most effective if made on Black paper).
Candle–Cut three 1¼ inch lengths of Scarlet for candle. Paste in place. Cut 3¼ inch lengths of Amber and paste in place for flame. Paste ¾ inch lengths of Green and paste in branch-like position below candle.
Envelope–Take 2 sheets of paper, cut one same width and ½ inch shorter than length of card. Fold second sheet over 1st sheet to form ½ inch seam at bottom of envelope. Fold again to form top of envelope. Fold again at each side, trim at each side at top and each side at bottom to form ½ inch seam. Paste seam together. (If card is small enough for one length of paper, make envelope in same manner omitting seam at bottom of envelope).

Christmas Cards Pattern
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