Apple Blossom Flower Pattern

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Materials Needed
1 Package Seed Beads — pink – petals (¾ oz. package)
1 Package Rocaille beads — green — leaves (¾ oz. package)
1 Bunch Stamens — yellow/brown
1 Spool #30 gauge Bead wire
1 Bunch #18 Gauge bare stem wire
1 Roll Florist Tape — Brown

STEP ONE — Center

Take 10 stamens. Fold in half. Wrap wire around twice, tightly approximately half way up, Figure 1. Bring wires straight down for stem.

STEP TWO — Petals

String 9" of beads on a continuous wire for each flower. To make one petal, slip 9 beads to within 3" from the end of the wire. Make a loop as shown in General Instructions. Slip 19 more beads up against first loop. Make a second loop around the first loop, Figure 2. This makes your first petal. NO NOT CUT WIRE. Make 4 more petals on the same wire, each petal as close as possible to the other petal.

STEP THREE — Assembly of blossom.

Wire petals around stamens. Leave 2" of stem on each blossom. For the arrangement shown you will need 13 flowers and 4 half open buds. Note: Buds have 3 petals only.

STEP FOUR — Leaves

String 32 beads on wire for each leaf. Make 2 loops per leaf as shown in Figure 3. Use 11 beads for first loop and 21 beads for second loop. Shape leaf end into point. Bind the two loops together at the tip using a short length of wire.

STEP FIVE — Arrangement Assembly

Start with a #18 gauge bare stem wire. Wrap the first one inch with brown florist tape. Secure one leaf at this point. Wrap stem down one more inch with florist tape. Add one blossom and one leaf by wrapping with tape. Have approximately a one inch stem on each blossom. Continue spacing flowers and leaves as shown.


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