Tulip Flower Pattern

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Materials Needed
1 package Rocaille beads — black (¾ oz. packages)
1 package Rocaille beads — red (¾ oz. packages)
1 package Bugle beads — green (¾ oz. packages)
1 spool #30 gauge bead wire
1 bunch #18 gauge bare stem wire
1 roll Florist tape — green

STEP ONE — Peps or Center

For the pep string 14 black beads on a 4" piece of wire. Twist ends of wire together tightly against the beads, mak­ing a tight loop, Fig. 1 Make 4 more peps or centers. Tape peps together ½" down from beads.

STEP TWO — Petals

String 17" of red beads on a continuous wire. Slip 2" of beads to within 3" of end of wire. Make a loop of these beads. Secure loop, (see General Instructions). Make a second loop 2½" long around the first loop. Make a third loop, 3½" long, a fourth loop 4" long and a fifth loop 4½" long. See Figure 2.

Reinforce loops at top and across the middle (see General Instructions).

Make 5 more petals.

STEP THREE — Assembling flower

Tape three petals to a #18 bare stem wire. Shape the petals so that they curl in or cup in at the top.

Tape on three more petals, alternating them with the first three. These petals overlap first petals. If petals tend to sag, tie them to each other with spool wire on inside of flower so that wire will not show.

STEP FOUR — Leaves

The leaves are made with the same procedure as the Daffodil leaves, except that there is an additional loop of beads to give more width to leaf.

STEP FIVE — Arrangement

Tape each flower to a #18 bare stem wire. Place into arrangement or place into a small pot, to which white foam has been secured. White foam will hold the wire stem secure. Force White Foam into bowl or use floral clay to hold. Tape a small piece of #18 bare stem wire to the bottom of 3 leaves and place into pot around the flower. You may place small rocks into the pot as decorations around the flower.


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