Rose Flower Pattern

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Materials Needed
2 Packages seed beads — any color —petals
1 Package Rocaille Beads — green — leaves
1 Spool #30 Gauge bead wire
1 Bunch #26 gauge bare wire

STEP ONE — Center Bud

String 7" of beads on wire. Slip 12 beads to within 3" of the end of the wire. Make a loop as shown in General Instructions. Be sure when making loops that you twist the wire tightly against the beads so that the loops will be stiff and have body.

Make second loop of 22 beads and place around first loop.

Make a third loop of 33 beads and the fourth loop of 42 beads. Arrange as shown in Figure 1, and reinforce the top of the petal and across the center of petal as shown in General Instructions.

Now roll petal into cone shape or bud shape and wrap tightly to hold, with a #26 gauge bare wire around the bottom. This will serve as your flower stem. Figure 2.

STEP TWO — Small Petals

You will need 8 of this size petal. Three to surround the center bud and then a row of 5.

String 11" of beads on a continuous wire. Slip 15 beads to within 3" of the end of the wire. Secure a loop.

Make a second loop of 24 beads and place around first loop. Make a third loop of 35 beads, a fourth loop of 42 beads and a fifth loop of 52 beads.

Repeat 8 times for 8 flowers.

STEP THREE — Large Petals

Make the petals the same as Step Two, except add a sixth loop of 60 beads. Make 6 petals of this size for each rose. Reinforce each petal at top and across the middle with wire. Be sure and put wire on back side of petal.

STEP FOUR — Shaping Petals

To shape petals put thumb in center of each petal and while pushing in with thumb, press top of petal back with thumb and finger of other hand, Figure 3. This cups your petal and rolls the edges.

STEP FIVE — Assembling flower

Wire 3 small petals around the center bud. Be sure and pull the wire very tight. Use spool wire.

Now wire one petal at a time. Use 5 small petals for the third row and 6 large petals for the last row. Tape a #26 gauge bare wire on for the stem.

If you want a bud, use center and 3 petals only.

STEP SIX — Leaves

Make the leaves the same as for the Fuchsia leaf In­structions. Tape 3 leaves onto a #26 gauge wire to resem­ble the tiered effect of a real rose.


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