Rocky, the Rocking Horse Ornament

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Thread Colors:

Of your choice (sample used gold with orange mane, tail, and rocker); small bits of black and white

Crochet Instructions:

This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Do not chain and turn. Always use the top loop of every st throughout pattern.

Using gold (or your choice of color), chain 10, sl st to join. (10)

Rounds 1-30: 1 sc in each st around; sl st every other st around, until closed. Fold piece to form the letter Z, top section being head, second section being neck, and third section being body; tie in this position. (10)

Ears. Sl st sc into top of head, 1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 sc, all in the same st. Break off and fasten, tying ends together and tucking into head. Repeat same for other ear.

Mane. Using orange (or second color) sl st sc at base of neck, * ch 6, sl st into neck, repeat from * working up neck and onto top of head between ears; break off and fasten.

Tail. Using orange (or second color) sl st into body, * ch 12, sl st into same st, repeat from * 2 more times; break off and fasten, tucking ends.

Legs. Using gold (or first color), sl st sc into underside of body, 6 times, making small circle. (6)

Rounds 1-9: 1 sc in each st around; break off and fasten; repeat same for other leg. (6)

Rocker. Using orange (or second color) ch 8, sl st to join. (8)

Rounds 1-20: 1 sc in each st around. Break off and fasten. Lay rocker on ends of legs and sl st to legs and legs to rocker. Break off and fasten, tucking all ends. (8)

Face. Embroider now or after spraying. Using black, make French knot for eyes and 3 running stitches above and toward back of head for eyelashes. Using black, make French knot for nose, at top of front end of head. With black running stitches, outline mouth at bottom of front end of head. Outline around eye with white.

Shaping Instructions:

See General Instructions for pinning and spraying. Flatten and curve rocker. Stretch legs from side to side to widen. Pull face toward front to lengthen and shape it like a horse's head; make it wider across eye area. Fold entire head down and push toward back so that back of head overlaps front of neck; this will also create a curve at back of head. Stretch neck to make it longer and more narrow. Pull neck toward back of horse, making back of neck overlap top of body slightly. Stretch body from front to back to make it more narrow. Pin crocheted loops of mane and tail up and back from horse, making each loop a distinct point on mane; curve tail loops out and downward.

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Pattern © 1979 by Plaid Enterprises, Inc. Reproduced with permission from Plaid. is not endorsed by Plaid.