Loop Stitch Scuffs Pattern

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Instructions are for girl's size. Changes for women's size are in parentheses.

You Need: Columbia-Minerva Yarn, 1 ball Lt. Blue (A), 1 Navy (B).
"Boye" crochet hooks Sizes G & I or size to give gauge.

Gauge (Size I hook): 3 sc = 1"

Soles (Make 2A, 2B): With I hook, ch 7. Beg in 2nd ch from hook, work 6 sc. Ch 1, turn. Working in sc, inc 1 sc each side every 2nd row 1(2) times. Work on 8(10) sc to 8(10) rows from beg. Dec 1 sc at end of next 3 rows. Work on 5(7) sc to ½" less than desired length of sole. Dec 1 sc each side of last 3 rows.

Top: With I hook & A, beg at toe, ch 9. Beg in 2nd ch, work 8 sc. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Insert hook in first sc, * pass yarn around 1½" ruler or cardboard holding top edge level with sc row, yo & draw thru a lp, yo, draw thru both lps on hook *, insert hook in same sc (for an inc), rep between *'s, insert hook in next sc and rep between *'s in each sc to last sc, inc in last sc, ch 1, draw out ruler, turn - 10 sc.

Row 3: Working in sc, inc 0(1) st at beg and end of row - 10(12) sc. Work in loop pat (following Rows 2 & 3 and omitting incs) to 8(10) rows from beg.

Next Row: Work 4(5) lp sts, Ch 1, turn. Work 1 row on 4(5) lp sts. Dec 1 lp st at end of next row. Rep dec at same edge every 2nd row 1(2) times more. Work 2 sts tog, fasten off.

Leaving 2 sts free at center of last complete row, join in next sc, work lp st in joining and each lp st to end. Ch 1, turn. Reversing shaping, finish same as other side. With G hook and B from right side, sl st around top. With I hook and B, sc 2 soles tog. Sew top to sole.

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