Gift Ideas and Great Ideas | Columbia Minerva Leaflet 2633

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Please Read
Be sure your stitch gauge is correct. Do not hesitate to change hook or needle size to achieve indicated gauge. All designs were made using Columbia- Minerva Yarns - 2 strands of any of the following:
Nantuk 4-Ply (4 oz. ball)
Performer (3 oz. ball)
Shannon (3 oz. ball)

beg - begin(ning)
ch(s) - chain(s)
dc - double crochet
dec - decrease(ing)
inc - increase(ing)
K - Knit
lp(s) - loop(s)
MC - Main Color
CC - Contrasting Color
pat(s) - pattern(s)
P- Purl
rem - remain(ing)
rep - repeat
rnd(s) - round(s)
sc - single crochet
sk - skip
sl - slip
sl st(s) - slip stitch(es)
sp - space
st(s) - stitch(es)
St st - Stockinette stitch
tch - turning chain
tog - together
tr - treble crochet
yo - yarn over

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Patterns © 1981 by Columbia-Minerva. I found information identifying that Columbia-Minerva had been purchased by McBess Industries, Inc. I am unable to locate current information for McBess Industries, formerly located in Bessemer City, NC, or identify the current copyright holder. If you believe that you are the current copyright holder for this leaflet, please contact me.