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Browse through this list of free patterns that use Red Heart Yarn. Many of these Halloween craft patterns are published by Coats & Clark.

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Craft Patterns

crafty yarn bowl for treats
halloween footprint ghost
halloween gentleman ghost
halloween painted rocks

Crochet Patterns

halloween afghan
cupcake halloween bag
scary skull halloween bag
happy bat halloween bag
pumpkin halloween bag
jolly roger pirate pumpkin
spooky cat pumpkin

Knitting Patterns

Sewing Patterns

pumpkin pincushions

Dog Halloween Costume Patterns

puppy pirate hat

Costume Ideas

Crochet Costume Patterns

angel halloween headband
mouse halloween headband
devil halloween headband
baby mermaid cocoon
dragon hat pattern
crochet pumpkin hat pattern

Knit Costume Patterns

cupcake cutie costume pattern
baby black cat pattern
knit pumpkin hat pattern


You don’t need to buy a costume for Halloween when you can make one yourself. What is even better is the fact that you don’t have to be a tailor or seamstress to sew it together. You just have to be creative and use whatever you have in your closet or get a few of these items from the thrift shop.

Using your imagination and putting different items together is much better than tossing a sheet over your head and saying you’re a ghost. Since Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary, think of other characters you can play like perhaps a clown, tin man, a pirate or a gorilla.

Following are some ideas to get you started on your homemade Halloween costumes!

Making your costume for Halloween will surely save you a lot of money since most costumes cost more than $20 a set. The best pat is that you don’t have to feel guilty when you decide to throw it away since you can probably make a new one the following year.

We hope you find this selection of free Halloween craft patterns helpful. Some of these free craft patterns may have been discontinued by Coats & Clark and may no longer be available in hard copy format. Knitting yarn or crochet thread used with original craft pattern may be a discontinued yarn or thread. Acceptable substitutes would include any other Coats & Clark yarn or thread of the same weight and/or size.

Some patterns © by Coats & Clark Inc. Reproduced with permission from Coats & Clark Inc. PurpleKittyYarns.com is not endorsed by Coats & Clark Inc. It is not permissible to contract production of craft projects made from designs published by Coats & Clark to a third party for sale or distribution.

Halloween Afghan Patterns, Crochet


If you're decorating for Halloween, make sure you make a crochet or knit throw to complete your decor! Pretty afghans in a variety of designs both spooky and scary are perfect for your next project.

Crochet Ruffle Scarf Patterns


Ruffles are fun to create with your crochet hook, as well as fun to wear. Add a bit of feminine allure to your look with these soft, ruffled scarves. Ruffles are trendy and also very girly. All of these patterns are free to download and print for your use on affiliate websites. They are of varying skill levels.

crochet ruffle scarf pattern

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn


Super Saver yarn has been a favorite among knitters and crocheters for over 30 years. This 100% acrylic worsted weight, size 4 yarn comes in over 120 beautiful colors, so you will always find the perfect color to complete your project. No-dye-lot solids mean all skeins of a solid color match, so it’s easy to buy another skein and continue the project. Plus after you make your project it will be made to last, as Red Heart Super Saver yarn is durable and will stand the test of time, wash after wash. This product holds the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This product is proudly Made in the USA.

  • Content Solids, Stripes, Prints & Variegates: 100% acrylic
  • Content Flecks: 96% acrylic, 4% other fibers
  • Ball size Solids: 198 g/7 oz, 333 meters/164 yards
  • Ball size Prints,Variegates & Stripes: 141 g/5 oz, 215 meters /236 yards
  • Ball size Flecks & Heathers: 141 g/5 oz, 238 m/260 yards
  • Care: Machine wash and dry
  • Gauge: 4 - Worsted
Knitting Gauge: 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) 17 sts and 23 rows with a 5 mm (U.S. 8) knitting needle
Crochet Gauge: 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) 12 sc and 15 rows with a 5.5 mm (U.S I-9) crochet hook
Recommended Knitting Needle: 5 mm
Recommended Crochet Hook: 5.5 mm

Dog Halloween Costume Patterns


People aren't the only ones who enjoy to dress up for Halloween. Don't forget man's best friend! Make up these dog Halloween costume patterns for your pampered pooch so he can enjoy a little trick or treating too! Halloween is one of those times of years when quite a lot of people worry about costumes but really the best Halloween costume ideas are also the simplest. Why not use these dog Halloween costume patterns to figure out what your costume will be too? The idea is to find something that will work as a double act. Coupling up your costumes is a great way to have a blast for Halloween. You are sure to get a lot of attention and compliments and it's also a rare excuse for the two of you to literally dress up together!

Eagle Cross Stitch Chart

Eagle Cross Stitch Chart
Eagle Cross Stitch Chart
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Victorian Cross Stitch Chart

Victorian Cross Stitch Chart
Victorian Cross Stitch Chart
Victorian Cross Stitch Chart
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American Rose Cross Stitch Chart

American Rose Cross Stitch Chart
American Rose Cross Stitch Chart
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